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Call for Submissions for a Radical Gender Variant (Trans, Intersex, Butch, Genderqueer) People of Color Book

An anthology by radical gender variant people of color about our experiences, struggles, organizing, anger and everything else.

There are so few accessible resources for gender variant (trans, intersex, butch, genderqueer) people of color (POC) to analyze and speak to our personal experiences and political work. I am looking for writings that challenge what's already out there I wanna know how we live in our communities, how we do political work, what we want our world to look like, how we change what gender and race looks like and, generally how we mess with people's notions and keep on fighting and surviving.

I am looking for essays, articles, interviews, rants, artwork (photography, drawings, graphics etc) by gender variant people of color to speak to some of these topics and begin to fill a void in resources, writings, and visibility. Let's link our stories, experiences, analyses, resources, activism, and confrontations. Submit!!!

Topics may include but definitely aren't limited to:
- Trans issues in POC organizing work (Anti-Prison work, Immigrants Rights, Hip Hop, Reclaiming Culture, Nationalism)
- Coming out
- The ways we experience racism, classism, abelism, sexism
- Gender, Sex & Sexuality, Relationships
- Gender Variance in Indigenous Communities
- Boundaries of Butch/Trans/Genderqueer identities
- The Politics of Transitioning
- Transphobia in queer communities

Submission Guidelines:
5000 word limit
Deadline: June 30, 2005

Please send all submissions as an attachment to> If sending submissions via ground mail include a cd or disk (mac compatible) and a self addressed stamp envelope for response with enough postage to return work submitted.
Send to: Priyank Jindal PO Box 34184 Philadelphia PA 19101

Priyank Jindal is a middleclass queer transgender desi doing community-based organizing work in Philly around immigrants rights. He has been published in Another World is Possible and That's Revolting: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation.

In Struggle,

Also the first issue of the zine Transgressions (a radical zine by and for gender variant people of color) will be finished by the beginning of April. If you'd like a copy send 2 stamps and your address to Priyank Jindal PO Box 34184 Philadelphia PA 19101.

Articles in the zine include:

Trans writing on the politics of passing
Transphobia in post-release prison programs
Media representation of Trans people of color
and much much more.
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